The Flash is taking another hiatus for a few weeks, but it looks like we’re in for a helluva ride when it returns!

If you saw the promo at the end of last night’s episode, then you’re already aware of the shocking revelations coming in the next episode of The Flash. At last, we’ll be learning the full origin of Zoom — who isn’t actually Jay Garrick, but rather a serial killer named Hunter Zolomon.

Now The CW has released a longer trailer for the episode, revealed to be titled “Versus Zoom,” which features even more revelations. It’s shocking to see actor Teddy Sears bringing such menace to the character, considering how charming and harmless his Jay Garrick has seemed all season. This should be a must-see episode for sure.

The Flash returns on Tuesday, April 19. Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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