When Supergirl premiered on CBS last fall, producers made it clear that a crossover with the Arrowverse would never happen. But with The Flash extensively exploring the concept of the multiverse this season, it seemed more and more likely that worlds would eventually collide. And with tonight’s episode, Worlds Finest, the inevitable finally happened.

I have to admit, I had actually given up on Supergirl prior to this episode’s announcement. I love Melissa Benoist’s portrayal of the titular heroine, but with the show airing on CBS, I found the humor and appeal far too broad for my taste. Also, I’ve never been a fan of Calista Flockhart and therefore might be biased, but I loathe her Cat Grant character and any scene involving Kara’s day job at CatCo.

Honestly, Worlds Finest still suffers from all of those same issues, despite the guest spot by Grant Gustin and The Flash. Those expecting an Arrow/Flash style crossover were bound to be disappointed, as this was definitely not a crossover between the two shows — just an extended guest appearance from The Flash. The meat and bones of the episode is most definitely still a Supergirl episode, with ample screen time given to all of the supporting cast and storylines.

The heart of the story is Sioban Smythe (guest-star Italia Ricci) coming to grips with her newfound powers and then teaming up with Livewire to take out Supergirl, Kara, AND Cat Grant. Brit Morgan continues to shine as Livewire, but Ricci’s Silver Banshee left a lot to be desired. Her supervillain costume and make-up certainly do resemble her comic book counterpart, but as a character, her motivation for donning such a macabre outfit is virtually non-existent.

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Grant Gustin is in fine form as Barry Allen, although he turns the “gee whiz” charm up a little too high at times. Still, he and Benoist are the two most adorkable superheros on television, and it’s a serious treat to see them together. Recently single, Barry even shares a few flirty moments with Kara, much to the chagrin of James Olsen, whom Kara eventually connects with at the episode’s close.

I think the biggest letdown in Worlds Finest are the fight scenes. With both Supergirl and The Flash in play, you would expect at least one big set piece, but alas, it’s not to be. There are essentially two fights, and they’re both very quick and unimpressive. What’s more, in the final battle there seems to be a real inconsistency in the portrayal of Silver Banshee’s powers. It’s established early in the episode that she’s not an alien (unlike every other Supergirl villain) and her abilities consist solely of her high-frequency voice. Nonetheless, she manages to throw a punch that literally tosses Supergirl 10-20 feet across the ground, and not soon after, Supergirl throws a piece of cement her way that she should know full well will kill her if it makes impact. Worst of all, though, the fight is not won by the combined might of Supergirl and The Flash; rather, after both are incapacitated, the National City fire department steps in to save the day.

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All in all, Worlds Finest was still a memorable hour of television, and one of the best of the few episodes of Supergirl that I’ve caught so far. Hopefully, as Grant Gustin recently suggested, this is merely the beginning of Supergirl‘s inclusion in the extended Arrowverse, and we’ll see a bigger and better crossover next season.