What Does Superman’s Appearance on ‘Supergirl’ Mean for the Show?

Three possible directions the show could take with Superman
After a season full of teases, blurry glimpses, and instant messages, Supergirl is finally revealing Superman in all his glory next season. What possible ramifications could this have going forward though?

The casting announcement revealed that the Man of Steel would be appearing in the first two episodes of Supergirl‘s second season. That would seem to indicate that Supes won’t be a regular character next year (though he can, and likely will, recur in additional episodes). So how will the show handle its new Superman? The way I see it, there are three possibilities:

Bizarro/Cyborg Superman
This would be a bit of a cop-out by the producers, but what if the character we meet in the first two episodes of Season 2 isn’t Superman, but one of his duplicates? Don’t forget: the final moment in the Season 1 finale saw Kara opening a newly-crashed Kryptonian pod and displaying a look of shock at whoever was inside.

We’ve already met Supergirl‘s version of Bizarro in Season 1, but in the comics, Bizarro is a twisted version of Superman, while the Supergirl version is known as Bizarro-Girl. So it’s entirely possible that Superman’s Bizarro duplicate could still make an appearance.

Another possibility is Cyborg Superman. In the comics, the original Cyborg Superman was also known as Hank Henshaw. Supergirl has already changed that story by having its Hank Henshaw turn out to be Martian Manhunter. In the New 52 line, Cyborg Superman was actually Zor-El, Supergirl’s father. It seems unlikely that Supergirl would go that route, but they could introduce a new Cyborg Superman cloned from Superman, or something to that effect.

Of course, they could always introduce both Bizarro/Cyborg Superman AND the real Superman for the two-part premiere. Who better to take on his duplicate than Superman himself?

Back to the Status Quo
The simplest (and most frustrating) thing that Supergirl could do after introducing Superman would be to just continue on like Season 1.

Meaning Superman would appear in the first two episodes, then disappear back to Metropolis and just continue to exist “off-screen” for the rest of the season. Clark would likely continue to send Kara instant messages, and Superman’s boots might make a cameo here or there.

That would be a really poor way to handle things, though. It’s like someone holding out a handful of candy, and then snatching it away before you can grab a piece. If you’re going to introduce Superman, then keep him around. At least every few episodes when it seems ridiculous that he wouldn’t come down to help Supergirl out.

Hello, Superman…Goodbye, Superman
Many fans who were frustrated by Superman’s non-appearance last season (myself included) had suggested that Supergirl just find a way to write him off the show altogether. Have him go off-world for a while, or pulled into another dimension, or just plain disappear.

This could still be a working plan, but with a grand send-off before Superman leaves. After a season of teases, we get an epic two-part premiere with Superman making his first full appearance and then, at the conclusion, write him off the show so he’s no longer a concern.

No matter how Supergirl handles their Man of Steel, it’s still great to know he’s making an appearance at all. We should learn more about producers’ plans at San Diego Comic-Con next month, so stay tuned for the latest news and updates.

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