The ‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Premiere is a New Beginning

There’s a scene in last night’s season premiere of Supergirl that sums up my feelings rather well. Kara is talking to James about the changes she is getting ready to make in her life. She says that last year was all about figuring out who Supergirl was so now she needs to learn who Kara is.’The Adventures of Supergirl’

‘The Adventures of Supergirl’ was about taking those brave steps forward. The show’s move to the CW welcomes several changes while keeping those same elements that made the show such a hit. The result is a great hour of television viewing.

What’s Old is Made New
The episode opens with a great narration by Kara accompanied by several scenes from last season (I smiled at the shot of The Flash). We then pick up immediately where last season left off with Supergirl and J’onn chasing the crashing Kryptonian pod. I loved the action scenes of this episode which moves at a great pace and never gets dull. The move to another network definitely didn’t hurt the special effects of the show. We also get introduced to a brand new DEO facility that looks a million times better than the dreary cave they were working out of in the first season.

Shaking Up the Status Quo
We are introduced to a couple of new characters while a couple of others make important life changes. The addition of Lena Luthor should prove to be an interesting one, as I was already sick of Maxwell Lord after just a couple of his episodes. I’m anxious to see if Lena truly lives up the Luthor name. The end of the episode introduces the villain Metallo, one of my favorites from the comics. I’m excited to see how he is portrayed on the show. Meanwhile, Winn is permanently moved to the DEO. This change for him along with less emphasis on CatCo were smart moves. One of my chief complaints with the first season was that Kara spent way too much time at CatCo rather than at the DEO where the real action is.

The Adventures of Supergirl Superman
Of course, one the main reasons viewers tuned in this week was to see the first true appearance of Superman on the show. After teasing fans with text messages and blurry images, we finally get to see Krypton’s favorite son. Tyler Hoechlin does a fantastic job as television’s new Man of Steel, bringing a positive energy to the character that has been lacking in the movie universe. This version of Superman is great, and I really enjoyed the banter between the cousins in this episode, and it truly felt like they were family.

Having Superman on your show can be risky as my fear was he would overshadow our main hero, Supergirl. Fortunately, this was not the case. I remember back to the first season when Kara voiced concerns with not being able to come out of the shadow of her more popular cousin. This episode showed just how far the character has come, exuding a strong confidence as National City’s protector. Melissa Benoist has come a long way in her portrayal of Kara, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this heroine. She is a positive role model for women, and we welcome her to the Arrowverse!

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