The ‘Supergirl’ and Arrowverse Universes Should Remain Separate

Supergirl has been absolutely great this year. Melissa Benoist has won so many over with her charismatic, fun, loveable portrayal of Kara Zor-El A.K.A. Supergirl. Many people were upset or disappointed with the news that Supergirl’s Universe will remain separate from the rest of the Arrowverse. It has been confirmed that Supergirl will visit the Arrowverse, but will not remain a permanent fixture.

Is this a bad move, or is it actually for the best? Although I may be in a minority, I think this is actually the right and best move for the Arrowverse as a whole.

Why is it best to remain separate?
Let’s be honest, the Flash is already overpowered enough. With a hero that can run so fast that he can literally travel through time and other dimensions there really shouldn’t be a threat on Earth that the Flash can’t handle. So then can you imagine that same world with Supergirl in it? She is even more powerful than the Flash! This would make the role of most of the Legends of Tomorrow and Green Arrow seem almost useless. What can the Legends and Team Arrow accomplish that Supergirl or the Flash can’t handle?

This may be able to happen in comic books, but in order to have a TV series that appeals to all types of fans (both comic fans and just casual fans), the shows need to have threats that are realistic and in perspective. It would be way too easy for Supergirl to be the solution to every problem in the Arrowverse. She is virtually indestructible, is arguably as fast as the Flash, and also has other super-powered beings to help her (Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian, Superman).

It is true that Green Arrow hasn’t always called in the Flash for help, but the shows have done a pretty good job of using each other’s abilities to help solve their problems. It would be even harder to ignore if there was not only the Flash to call on, but also Supergirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter, and who knows who else from Supergirl’s world. Also, it would be incredibly hard to pose the question “How will the Flash and/or Green Arrow get out of this mess?” if they can call upon characters that possess a whole different level of power.

A Home for the “Other Guys”
Something that has been great about the Arrowverse is that it has given a place for DC heroes other than the “Big Three” (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) to shine and get more exploration into their own stories. Before Arrow, the general public was not interested in the character and could tell you very little about him. Admittedly, the Flash was better known than the Green Arrow but was still a bit overshadowed by some of DC’s more popular characters. Having a universe where one of the “Big Three” (Superman) exists could potentially trivialize the other characters in the universe.

With Supergirl remaining in a different universe, it keeps her role special in the Arrowverse. Her visits will come when stakes are very high and when all other resources have been exhausted. It also gives the freedom for Supergirl to have its own stakes that are unique to its world without affecting all the other shows as well. Not to mention that most, if not all, of Supergirl’s villains are so strong, most of the Arrowverse could not even touch them. They would be like a mosquito biting an elephant.

As you can see, as fun and exciting as having Supergirl in the rest of the Arrowverse would be, I believe that it is for the best that Supergirl remains separate from the universe of Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. That’s not to say that sometime in the future the show producers may choose to combine worlds. I’m not saying that the universes can’t coexist. I just believe that it will actually make for a more enjoyable viewing of all the shows.

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