‘Supergirl’ Recap: It’s Fight Night in ‘Survivors’

This week’s installment of Supergirl continues to explore moral issues regarding alien lives on Earth in another action-packed episode with one hell of a final scene. Since this episode is about a fight club, I guess I’m going to have to break the first rule in order to do this review.

A Dying Planet & a Dead Alien
‘Survivors’ opens with Mon-El recounting his escape from Daxam on the date of Krypton’s destruction. Mon-El attempts to get the Prince of Daxam off the planet before it falls apart. They locate a Kryptonian escape pod, and the Prince tricks Mon-El into getting into the escape pod himself. We know how the rest of this story ends. Fast forward to the present day, and Mon-El is anxious to experience all the wonders of planet Earth, like soccer with dragons (oh wait, you guys don’t have that here). Hank has to be a downer and tells Mon-El that he is restricted to the DEO. Maggie calls Alex to examine a dead alien body with her. As far as pickup lines go, well I’ve heard worse. The victim’s body shows clear signs of a fight with another alien. Supergirl arrives but finds herself to be a third wheel, as Alex and Maggie seem to have the situation covered.

Back at CatCo, Kara proposes to write an article on the alien body. Snapper criticizes her for not fleshing the idea out more and needing to get some solid facts. At this point, does anyone actually like the character of Snapper Carr? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss Cat Grant. Hank arrives at the safe haven bar to learn from M’gann how she escaped Mars. She informs Hank that a White Martian showed mercy and smuggled her off the planet. This was over 300 years ago.

Winn is helping Mon-El test his powers and continues to show his efficiency by identifying the shrapnel found in the alien victim. When Maggie and Alex attempt to question the possible killer, they are attacked by some men who snatch him and throw him in the back of a van. Back at the DEO, Kara and Alex ask Hank why he is grumpier than usual. He tells them about M’gann and her refusal to psychically bond with him. Kara seeks some advice from her hologram mother when Mon-El interrupts. His ability to respect privacy is right up there with his use of alien slang, referring to Kara’s mother as a “babe.” Oh, Winn’s been teaching you? Stop listening to Winn. After they bond over loneliness, Mon-El asks Kara to be his escort outside. She tells him no. Poor Mon-El.

You Don’t Talk About Fight Club
Alex gets another call from Maggie asking to meet and to wear something nice. In a warehouse, Alex discovers many of the city’s wealthy and criminally influential are there. Everyone is wearing masks, but things quickly go from Eyes Wide Shut to another movie as Alex discovers it’s an alien fight club! As aliens are supposed to fight to the death for the pleasure of its patrons, Alex discovers that M’gann is their championship fighter. Fortunately, Alex has already called in Supergirl for backup. Only it’s not so fortunate, as Supergirl gets her ass kicked by this really scary alien.

Supergirl is recovering back at the DEO when she and Alex break the news to Hank about M’gann. Mon-El convinces Winn to escort him outside the DEO and ends up taking him to a bar. Their evening out basically ends with Winn drunk and Mon-El breaking someone’s arm. Let me be the first to say that we need an episode that is just Winn and Mon-El hanging out and causing trouble because the few minutes we got were quite hilarious.

My Favorite Martian
Hank confronts M’gann about her voluntary participation in the fight club and demands to know who runs it. M’gann tells Hank that she doesn’t want to remember her old life on Mars. She kicks Hank out but does give him the identity of the orchestrator as Veronica Sinclair, aka Roulette. Supergirl confronts Roulette who responds that the aliens have no rights and that she is doing them a favor by letting them participate in the fight club for fame and money. I am loving how Supergirl has been exploring some deep moral issues in this current run of episodes. Having a superhero show about aliens allows an exploration into some themes that Arrow and Flash could never explore. After having a heart to heart talk about family, Mon-El offers Supergirl some advice on how to take down the scary alien that kicked her ass. As it turns out, he knows this particular creature and its weak spot (small universe). Hank goes to apologize to M’Gann where he is quickly captured by Roulette’s men.

When Hank doesn’t report in after several hours, Winn manages to trace his phone to the location of the fight club. How did the DEO survive in season one before Winn joined? Supergirl goes to rescue Hank only to discover that the fight club is gone. Kara goes to Lena Luthor to see if she could possibly help her locate Roulette’s whereabouts. Lena says that she knows Roulette but has no stomach for her ways. After giving away Roulette’s location, Lena hopes that Kara will help her when it’s needed.

To the Death!
J’onn and M’gann are pitted against each other in a fight to the death. Although J’onn initially refuses, he discovers that he has little choice. Is it wrong that I played old school Star Trek fight music in my head while this scene was happening? You guys know what I’m talking about. M’gann says she will do whatever it takes to survive. J’onn morphs back into his Hank form and tells M’gann that she doesn’t have to do this. Roulette then releases that scary monster alien to kill them both. Supergirl manages to take it out this time thanks to the tip from Mon-El. Supergirl attempts to unite the alien fighters into solidarity, pleading with them not to be manipulated by Roulette as they can be more. The aliens stand down and Roulette is placed under arrest by Maggie.

Unfortunately, Roulette has the right contacts and is let go. I guess this means we will be seeing her again. I have to say she didn’t really impress me as a villain so I’m in no hurry for her return. Alex invites Maggie to get a drink but is turned down as we discover that Maggie already has a date with her girlfriend. Cue the sound of everyone’s hearts breaking. Back at CatCo, Kara presents Snapper with her story and identifies her source as Supergirl. Snapper agrees to publish it but not before criticizing Kara on her poor use of sentence structure and not using the proper format. I mean, come on, Kara.

A New Friendship & a Betrayal
Back at the DEO, Supergirl tells Mon-El that she has asked the DEO to release him into her custody. She tells Mon-El that she will help train him since she never had the opportunity to do so with Clark. The two agree to work together. Hank arrives back at M’gann’s apartment to tell her that he is glad to know her and understands her decision not to take the psychic bond. He hopes that they can at least be friends as the only two survivors from their world. After Hank leaves, M’gann morphs… into a White Martian (WHAT?????).

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