Prometheus: Who is the New Villain on ‘Arrow’?

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Arrow has responded to a subpar Season 4 (plus later half of Season 3) with a solid first two episodes in Season 5. As promised, Arrow is making attempts to return to the show’s roots that made it so successful in Seasons 1 and 2 with less drama, more action, compelling street level crime, and Oliver simply being awesome. With this new season, there has also been a new villain that is out to take down the Green Arrow. His name (as revealed in episode 5×02, ‘The Recruits’) Prometheus. But who is this villain, and why does he (or she) seem so bent on bringing an end to the Green Arrow?

Prometheus: What We Know So Far
The producers and writers of the show have given us a few details about Prometheus to help get our minds turning. First, this season is about legacy and the effect that legacy has on one’s life. During Oliver’s time as “The Hood” in Season 1, Oliver had no restraint in his methods of bringing down criminals, including killing them without a second thought. Apparently, Prometheus has a connection to someone that Oliver killed during Season 1 and now Prometheus wants revenge. This is an adaptation of the origin story of Prometheus from the comics where he sought revenge on police for gunning down his parents, although they were criminals.

Second, we know that Prometheus will basically have very little (if any) similarities to the comic book version of the character. The showrunners have basically said that they are using the name Prometheus, but making the character their own for the sake of the show. In the comics, Prometheus was basically able to mimic and replicate the fighting style of any person that he fought. I have a suspicion that we will see a bit of that with this version of the character, especially since producers have also told us that Prometheus will be like a dark mirror of Oliver’s character.

Popular Theories
Naturally, fans have taken to blogs and comment sections of Facebook to voice their opinions (or hopes) of who this new villain will ultimately turn out to be.

Tommy Merlyn
Probably one of the most popular theories, if not the most popular, is that Prometheus will be Tommy Merlyn. Other than flashbacks, we haven’t seen Tommy since his dramatic death at the hands of his own father’s earthquake machine in Season 1. There have been many set pictures with Colin Donnell, who played Tommy, hanging around with the cast of Arrow. Could Tommy actually be alive, and for some reason, want to bring down the Green Arrow?

Roy Harper
Another possible candidate is Roy Harper. We have seen a bit of Roy after he covered up Oliver being the Arrow by posing as the Arrow and faking his own death. Roy then left Star City to start a life apart from crime fighting, but has made a few visits between his departure in Season 3. In the comics, Prometheus cut off the arm of Roy Harper and caused Oliver to ultimately kill Prometheus in revenge. Will this happen to Roy in the show, or will the showrunners adapt the story and make it to where Roy becomes the vengeful villain, Prometheus?

Robert Queen
Robert Queen is yet another popular candidate amongst fans. In a recent storyline in the New 52 comics, Robert Queen appeared to Oliver after he had been thought dead for years. It was revealed that his father was part of a secret clan and it was Robert’s plan all along that Ollie would inherit that clan. So could Oliver’s dad somehow be alive or somehow resurrected and now wants to destroy the Green Arrow?

Other Possibilities
Some other people that have been thrown out as candidates are Detective Malone (Felicity’s new boyfriend), Slade Wilson, Huntress, Shado, and Ravager.

My Thoughts
Before I share my thoughts on Prometheus, I’ll talk a little bit about why I don’t think any of the candidates listed above will be Prometheus.

First of all, there is no compelling story reason for Prometheus to be Tommy or Robert Queen. Oliver held Tommy in his arms as Tommy died, and there was a moving scene of forgiveness and friendship. There would be no reason for Tommy to want to kill Oliver if he was somehow resurrected or spared from death. Almost the exact same explanation can be applied to Robert Queen. There is virtually no reason for a man who gave his life so that his son could survive would want to come back and now seek revenge on that same son.

Roy Harper seems unlikely to me as well, because Oliver literally saved him in Season 1. Not only that, he brought Roy in, helped him overcome the Mirakuru, and then Roy gave up his own life so that Oliver could continue as the Green Arrow. One could argue that Roy is the exact opposite of what Prometheus would be because he looks up to Oliver so much.

Detective Malone or one of the others that were mentioned? I really hope that Detective Malone is not Prometheus. It would be so predictable and lame to have the new guy in the detective chair, boyfriend to Felicity, and guy who is seemingly trying to help Star City be the villain. Especially considering The Flash has done that with their last few villains, Harrison Wells and Zoom. The other people mentioned above I feel are a long stretch and would be very poor writing to bring back one of those people. Could they work? Maybe, but it would be very underwhelming. Could Flashpoint play a part and change the history of these people? Again, maybe but I just don’t think it would be the strongest story they could pull from.

Personally, I don’t think that we have actually met Prometheus yet. Remember that we never met Malcom Merlyn until three to five episodes into Season 1, and it wasn’t until midseason that he was revealed as the Dark Archer. We also didn’t know who was behind the master plan during Season 2 until the midseason break, although one could have predicted Slade may have been part of it.

I think part of the reason I find this character so compelling is because I have no idea who it is! For the first time in 2 seasons, Arrow has a real mystery behind the character and drive of its villain. Will Prometheus have ties to the Russian flashbacks? Will Flashpoint produce altered history and characters? Or will the writers pull someone from Season 1 that we all have totally forgot about? Who knows, but I am excited to have a mystery and a formidable foe for Oliver to face off against! Keep you eyes out for clues and hints as Season 5 of Arrow continues on!

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