‘The Flash’ Recap: Team Flash Goes Harry Hunting in ‘The New Rogues’

The Flash and Jesse Quick team up to take down Mirror Master and The Top

It’s that time of year again: another episode about the infamous Flash Rogues Gallery! Tonight, we were introduced to Sam Scudder (Grey Damon) and Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon (Ashley Rickards)…better known to comic fans as Mirror Master and The Top (albeit a female version). While the episode showed us just how powerful and menacing they really are, the most interesting plot points were regarding the “quickly” changing dynamic of Team Flash. And, oh boy, did things get interesting. Let’s reflect. (Yes, the puns were contagious tonight.)

The episode opens with a flashback to three years ago. Surprise, surprise…the night of the particle accelerator explosion. Sam and Rosa are celebrating their latest score when Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) interrupts the party–upset at them for spending the money against his orders. Sam tells Snart that he can do what he wants because it’s his money and Snart takes that to mean he’s out. However, as we learned from Lenny’s first appearance in ‘Going Rogue’, “If you’re out, you’re out.” He pulls out a gun and a fight ensues. Snart pushes Sam into a mirror and holds the gun to his head. Cue the particle accelerator explosion. Lenny and crew get out before the dark matter hits, leaving Sam and Rosa exposed. When the wave clears, Rosa realizes Sam has disappeared. In the present day, construction workers are clearing the warehouse where the confrontation happened for demolition when Sam comes through a mirror, demanding to know where Snart went.

DC Easter Egg: The warehouse belongs to Broome Industries…an obvious nod to John Broome, the writer for DC Comics who wrote The Flash issue that Sam Scudder’s Mirror Master debuted in.

At STAR Labs, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) is showing the team the video of Clariss (Todd Lasance) being killed that he showed Barry (Grant Gustin) and Julian (Tom Felton) last week. None of them can figure out what’s happening in it so Joe goes back to CCPD to see if Julian’s found anything. In the mean time, Jesse (Violett Beane) suggests that she continues training. Barry and her (suited up for the very first time) speed around the pipeline. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) notes that she’s almost as fast as Barry. Suddenly, Jesse trips on a walkway but sticks the landing. In a hilarious throwback, Barry repeats Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) lesson to him from ‘Flash vs. Arrow’: “There’s a difference between having powers and having precision”, etc.

Barry gives Jesse some words of encouragement. She then takes Wally’s (Keiynan Lonsdale) hand and speeds them away. Iris (Candice Patton) kisses Barry and leaves, as well. Caitlin, Barry, and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) then question Harry (Tom Cavanagh) about him leaving to go back to Earth-2. They tell him that it’s not going to be the same without him and Harry comes up with the idea to find another Harrison Wells to join Team Flash. At the precinct, Cecile (Danielle Nicolet), the DA, tells Joe that no one’s heard anything about Alchemy (Tobin Bell) but she asks him to let her know if there’s anything else she can do.

At the West house, Iris and Barry are having a very romantic date night. They begin to make out…when Barry hears Joe unlocking the door. He speeds away all the evidence of date night–replacing his wine with a beer–but Joe stills seems extremely flustered. Noticing what Barry did, Iris asks him what he’s so nervous about. Barry tells her that it’s awkward making out with her in front of him as he’s the man who raised both of them. (Barry even almost says “our dad” at one point which makes it really hard to back up Candice’s constant argument to reporters that Iris and Barry aren’t siblings.) She tells him to talk to him because they should be able to have a relationship without worrying about Joe.

At a lounge somewhere in Central City, Sam appears out of a mirror and, once again, demands to know from one of Snart’s former cronies where he is. Not able to give an answer, Sam throws him through a mirror. He comes out of a window and falls to the street. Back at the precinct, Barry tells Joe that Sam’s not going to find Snart as he “left with some friends of [theirs] on a trip.” Seizing the moment, Barry takes this opportunity to let Joe know that him and Iris are a couple and will be kissing. Joe says that he loves them both would rather not see them making out in front of him.

At STAR Labs, Harry, Cisco, and Caitlin begin their search for another Wells. The plan is for Cisco to open a breach and for Harry to send out an “intergalactic IQ test” (in the words of Caitlin) as a lure for any Harrison Wells to solve. Supposedly, the cryptogram will test any and all characteristics a potential candidate might need in order to be a helpful and contributing member of the team. Cisco opens a breach and a satellite shoots a tachyon-enhanced laser with the message through. All they can do now is wait (and get Big Belly Burger).

Meanwhile, Jesse is taking Wally out on a run. Feeling the obvious chemistry between them, she kisses him. (This is where I screamed. Loudly.) Wally tells her that he likes her…but doesn’t see how they can have a relationship if she’s going back home to another Earth. Jesse is upset but understands. They agree to be friends.

In the cortex, Barry tells the team about Sam. Harry names him Mirror Master as they also had one on his Earth: Evan McCulloch who used a mirror gun that can turn three-dimensional objects into two dimensions. (This, ladies and gentlemen, is DC Comics’ second Mirror Master.) Barry tells them that Joe’s questioning one of Snart’s associates, Rosa. When they find out about her ability to induce vertigo, Cisco is quick to name her The Top, determined to not give Harry the satisfaction of naming both metas. Joe and Cecile talk to Rosa at Iron Heights who’s quiet for the most part, not revealing any information. When the two of them turn their backs on her, Sam appears in Rosa’s cell. Joe and Cecile turn around just in time to see him take her hand and disappear through the glass window.

Team Flash figures out that Sam’s creating wormholes through reflective surfaces. All of a sudden, Cisco’s phone pings–letting them know that Harrisons have answered the call. Him, Harry, and Caitlin leave to watch the responses. Iris asks Barry if he’s talked to Joe. He tells her he has and she takes off. Realizing he’s the only one left in the cortex, Barry decides that he’ll take on the task of trying to find ‘the new rogues’ himself.

Back at Broome Industries, Sam tells Rosa that three years ago seems like last night to him. She tells him that things have changed. He asks her to show him her power. She does. Thinking they’re unstoppable, Sam tells her that they can take over Central City. Rosa informs him of their one obstacle: the city’s resident speedster.

Like I mentioned last week, the next scene is proof that Tom Cavanagh is this show’s greatest asset. The man has an incredible range and this show graciously allows him the freedom and opportunity to show it off. In Cisco’s workshop, Harry, Cisco, and Caitlin are watching the messages from Harrisons across the multiverse. We see a not-too-bright or confident cowboy, a steampunk Brit from Earth-17 that Cisco calls a “nerd”, and a French mime which Harry says “you can’t trust”. The final one, though, is from Earth-19 and he seems pretty normal for the most part: nice, smart, more stylish than any version of Wells we’ve met before… He even says that fighting “meta-hominids” sounds like fun. Cisco and Caitlin think they’ve found a perfect match but Harry lets them know that his gut tells him there’s something not right about this doppelgänger.

That night is movie night at the West house and Jesse’s there, as well. Iris starts to cuddle with Barry when he moves his arm and grabs a drink. Iris immediately realizes that something’s still bothering Barry. She asks him and Joe if they talked and they tell her they did. Wondering what her father said, Joe tells her that he doesn’t care what her and Barry do. She asks Barry what exactly his problem is but, before he can answer, him and Joe get notified on their phones that Sam and Rosa are in the middle of a heist. Jesse asks Barry if she can tag along and he allows her.

At the bank, Sam and Rosa meet Barry and Jesse face-to-face. Once Sam starts using his powers, Barry tells Jesse to stay put. She doesn’t listen and tails him as he chases the couple. Jesse eventually meets Rosa on the roof who whammies her. She falls off the building and Barry catches her. Focusing on Jesse, he leaves himself vulnerable and is thrown (literally) into a mirror by Sam.

Jesse brings the mirror with Barry stuck in it back to STAR Labs. She blames herself and Wally goes to talk to her. Soon enough, the rest of the team finds out that Barry can only be heard speaking in reverse (a result of the Mirror World) and Cisco hooks up a translator to the mirror so they can hear him normally. Iris asks Barry if he’s tried phasing out. He has. Harry and Caitlin realize that if the molecules in the mirror are in a hyper state of flux, they need something cold to slow them down. Cisco says he can help with that.

In the breach room, Wally finds Jesse, distraught, claiming what happened to Barry is her fault. Wally lets her know that all she did was make a mistake. He tells her that she’s meant to be a speedster–it’s why she has these powers and not him. Realizing that he was being scared of losing her earlier, he decides that he doesn’t want to be scared…and kisses her. (This is also where I screamed. Still loudly.)

Back in his workshop, Cisco has Harry take a look at the cold gun. He informs him and Caitlin that it’s not going to work because of the additional heat of the mirror. Cisco proposes that they send the gun to the other Wells to see if he can make it work. Harry gets defensive and Cisco deduces that he doesn’t like his counterpart because he doesn’t like the idea of being replaced. In the middle of his rant, Harry and Cisco come up with the idea of using a molecular decelerator to free Barry. Cisco gets to work on it.

Alone in the Speed Lab, Barry decides to tell Iris why he’s been acting weird. He says that he finally has everything he’s ever wanted and he’s scared of failing. Due to the current situation, Iris can’t take him seriously and asks to continue the conversation later. Barry then thinks of a way to stop Sam. With the decelerator finished, Harry and Cisco hook it up to the mirror. Barry attempts to phase out but to no avail. The meta-human alert then starts going off and everyone heads to the cortex…except Caitlin. She sneaks behind the mirror and uses her powers to freeze it, allowing Barry to escape without noticing what she did.

Cisco sees that another bank is being robbed and Barry runs straight to the cortex. Harry wonders how he escaped and Barry says they’ll figure that out later. When Jesse asks how they’re going to stop Sam, Barry tells the team that they’re going to use “an old trick and an old friend”. At Broome Industries, Sam receives a call from Snart. (WHAT?!?!?)

At the same abandoned amusement park from ‘Back to Normal’, Sam and Rosa go to confront Captain Cold. Snart tells them that he wants them dead and Sam lets him know that his wishes won’t be coming true. He goes to knock Snart out…and discovers that he was just a hologram. (When will Lenny actually be returning to the Arrowverse? The mid-season finale of Legends of Tomorrow. Stay tuned!) Jesse takes on Rosa who, once again, uses her powers on her. Prepared to take the hit this time, Jesse quickly (Ba-Dum-Tss!) recovers and knocks Rosa out. Barry then destroys a bunch of mirrors and uses the remaining ones to trap Sam in an infinite reflective loop. He cuffs him and delivers him and his girlfriend to Iron Heights.

At CCPD, because of the amount of IOUs Joe has stacked up with Cecile, she asks him out to dinner. He’d love to but can’t because of movie night. He asks for a raincheck. Barry asks Joe why he didn’t say yes and Joe tells him he’s not the only one who gets nervous.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco’s doing something he’s never done before–opening up a breach to Earth-19. (Remember when he told Jay in the Season 2 finale that he can only open a breach to Earth-2? I’M SO PROUD OF HIM!) Harrison Wells 3.0 jumps through. He calls Harry handsome and tells him to call him H.R. He introduces him to Cisco–who “can do anything”, Caitlin–who’s “brilliant” (and to whom H.R. reveals that he’s single), Wally, and Barry–“The Flash”. Cisco and Harry say goodbye once again. Cisco tells him that “there’s only one Harry” and Harry tells him that the molecular decelerator didn’t work. Cisco wonders how Barry escaped and Harry says “You tell me.” Barry says goodbye to Jesse and tells her that “Earth-2’s going to have one hell of a speedster protecting it.” Jesse tells him that she learned from the best. Looking at Wally, she promises she’ll be back. Jesse grabs Harry’s hand and Cisco opens a breach to Earth-2. Before they leave, though, Harry begins to tell everyone to “Never, ever, no matter what…”–but doesn’t get to finish as Jesse speeds them through, leaving everyone to wonder what he was going to say. H.R.’s first question is if there’s a Big Belly Burger on this Earth. Caitlin puts it perfectly: “Some things never change.”

Barry meets Iris and Joe back at the house and kisses her in front of him. Joe tells them that it’s going to take a while to get used to it but Barry thinks one thing might help: him getting his own place. Joe says that he was wondering when Barry was going to leave and the three of them joke about him getting kicked out.

What happens next is probably the best post-credits scene in the history of the show. Caitlin arrives at her apartment and takes a shower. Accidentally…she freezes the water and breathes out frost. When she gets out, she looks in the mirror to see that, just like her villainous doppelgänger, her lips have turned blue and there’s an Anna-like white streak in her hair. She cuts it out and stares at it and herself in horror.

According to the synopsis for next week’s episode, Caitlin’s going to be visiting her mother, Dr. Carla Tannhauser (Susan Walters), in desperation, hoping to get answers about what’s happening to her. Additionally, as seen in the promo footage for the episode, an honest-to-god monster will attack Central City, H.R. will reveal an ulterior motive for arriving on Earth-1, and Cisco will begin to investigate him, realizing that Harry was originally right–there’s something off about this guy. Tune in to “Monster” on November 1st at 8/7c on The CW.

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