‘The Flash’ Producer Todd Helbing Reveals Why Flashpoint Was Only One Episode

When Barry traveled back in time to save his mother in The Flash Season 2 finale, many fans knew what was coming. Then, when it was confirmed over the summer that Flashpoint would indeed be adapted for the TV show, excitement among the fandom ran rampant. So it came as quite a shock that after all that build-up, the event only lasted for one episode.

We know now that the repercussions will extend beyond the appropriately titled season premiere, ‘Flashpoint.’ But still, a lot of viewers were puzzled by the decision to leave the alternate timeline so soon.

What Works for the Comics Doesn’t Always Work for the Show

ComicBook.com talked with The Flash executive producer Todd Helbing and got some answers:

“I think anytime you do a story like Flashpoint, something as iconic as that, with the character restrictions that we had, it’s going to be different than everybody expected. I think for us from a story point, when we talked about it originally it was going to be more episodes but what happens more often than not is that when you break the story you find that it would be a lot better and a lot more satisfying if you pulled up a lot of that information and put it in that first episode….It just became a much stronger episode if we just made it one as opposed to four or five, and then we could really kickstart the rest of the season after that. But Flashpoint or not, there are consequences going forward for Barry for what he did and those ripples he’s going to explore throughout the third season.”

That makes a fair amount of sense. Not to mention, it might’ve been odd having The Flash continue to take place in an alternate timeline, while Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow chugged along in the existing timeline.

A Wide Breadth of Stories

Helbing also elaborated on the difference between the comics and the TV show:

“I think it’s just — as Greg Berlanti has said multiple times — there’s always more story. I think with the breadth of the Flash comics, there’s so much to pull from, and we like the pace of the show, where we’ve dialed in, is faster. For us it’s really exciting to just get on with it. Personally, I feel like the speed that we’re going is the best version of the show….We just want to keep the fans invested and excited and keep throwing more questions at them.”

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