‘The Flash’ EPs Todd and Aaron Helbing Talk (More) ‘Flashpoint’

Déjà vu, much? Just eight hours after Collider released their interview with executive producer Aaron Helbing, E! News has released another interview with Helbing…and his brother Todd, a fellow EP. What else could they possibly say without spoiling everything? Apparently, a lot.

Perhaps the biggest news to come from this interview was their differentiating answers to the question “What will people be most shocked by in the premiere?” While Todd believes it’s Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Aaron believes it’s Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) — the one character we know next-to-nothing about in the ‘Flashpoint’ timeline. Todd explains:

“It’s funny, because the shock is on two completely different levels, too. What really resonates is while it’s a different version, much like Earth-2 it’s the same but different, it doesn’t feel like a completely different show.”

He also hilariously elaborated on the differences between the Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) of Seasons 2 and 3:

“Cisco is basically working at S.T.A.R. Labs in season two at a company that doesn’t really exist. He’s doing it to stop metahumans. And now he’s a money-grabbing tech guy who doesn’t give a s–t, so I would say he’s a little bit different!”

Finally, Todd discussed how different of a threat Doctor Alchemy (Tobin Bell) and Savitar (Todd Lasance?) are going to be to Barry and his team compared to the Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh/Matt Letscher) and Zoom (Teddy Sears):

“In season one with Thawne, it was very clear what he had to do. In season two, Zoom was more of the chaotic sort of villain. But in season three, there’s Doctor Alchemy and there’s another speedster villain and there’s a lot more of a psychological component to it that affects Barry in a way that nobody’s going to [expect].”

“Barry’s not prepared for it,” Aaron forebodingly added. “Barry and the team are not prepared for what they’re about to face.”

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