‘Supergirl’ Rewind: Kara and Cat Team Up in ‘Livewire’

Editor’s Note: Supergirl Rewind is a new column here at Arrowverse.tv. Writer Sahat Shafaat will be recapping The CW’s back-to-back Supergirl Season 1 repeats each Monday and sharing his thoughts as we count down to the premiere of the all-new season. Enjoy!

(Note: This episode was originally supposed to air fifth in the season order, but was moved up to fourth due to the Paris terrorist attacks)

‘Livewire’ begins with Kara taking down an unruly alien convict and flying back to her apartment, where an anxious Alex is waiting for the arrival of their mother, Eliza. Alex is concerned that Eliza (who’s portrayed by the original Supergirl, Helen Slater) will be furious with her for allowing Kara to become Supergirl (yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to me, either), but Kara assures her everything will be fine. Just then, Eliza shows up, not appearing to be angry…yet.

At CatCo, a radio host named Leslie Willis goes on her annual Thanksgiving rant, with this year’s diatribe dedicated to Supergirl. Her scathing criticism draws the ire of Winn, James, and Cat. Later, Kara asks Winn what he plans to do for Thanksgiving and invites him over to her place when she learns he plans on doing basically nothing. Cat and Leslie have a heated discussion in Cat’s office about Leslie denouncing Supergirl, which results in her getting demoted to traffic duty.

Kara runs into James at Noonan’s and invites him for Thanksgiving, as well. James explains that he and Lucy are heading out of town for the holidays, though Kara is always welcome to call if she needs anything. Alex shows up and proposes her latest theory: Eliza is hiding her anger at Alex for letting Kara be Supergirl. Kara unsuccessfully tries to convince her otherwise, and suggests that Alex tell Eliza she’s really a D.E.O. agent. In the air, Leslie is covering traffic in a helicopter, refusing to stop because of the turbulent conditions. Suddenly, lightning strikes the copter and the pilot falls out. Kara saves the pilot and stops the helicopter from crashing into a building, but before she can save Leslie, lightning strikes her and channels into Leslie.

The next day, Alex is watching a news report of Supergirl saving Leslie at Kara’s apartment. Eliza chooses this time to voice her anger at Alex, saying that she’s not protecting Kara as much as she should. Alex excuses herself and leaves the apartment. In a flashback, Eliza asks Jeremiah (played by ex-Superman Dean Cain) keep her company while Kara and Alex sneak out and go flying.

Later that evening, Leslie discovers her new electrical powers and uses them to fend off a drunk man. At Kara’s apartment, Winn and the Danvers are about to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. The tension between Alex and Eliza is obvious, as dinner quickly turns into a fight between the two, with Alex revealing she works for the D.E.O. Back in the past, Kara and Alex are busted for sneaking out. Jeremiah then ushers the girls to their room, and opens the door to find Hank Henshaw requesting to speak with Eliza.

Kara heads to CatCo to help out with Cat’s emergency, when suddenly the power goes out and Leslie appears on all of Cat’s TVs. She calls herself Livewire and comes out of the TVs (or whatever people made of electricity do). Cat sends Kara to find help, and Kara returns as Supergirl to fend off Livewire. Cat makes it to the elevator, which Livewire causes to enter freefall, but Kara saves Cat.

Hank appears at CatCo, posing as a FBI agent, and discusses with Kara how they can stop Livewire. They agree that they need to find a way to trap her in her physical form. Afterwards, Kara and Cat bond over their difficult families. At the apartment, Alex enters and says she wanted to check on Eliza. The two then hash things out, with Eliza saying she’s been tougher on Alex than Kara because Alex is her biological daughter and she wanted Alex to be better than her.

On Cat’s balcony, Kara appears as Supergirl, and Cat offers to help her apprehend Livewire, which Kara agrees to. At the D.E.O., Kara is given an industrial capacitor to help stop Livewire. After Cat unsuccessfully advocates for a peaceful end to her conflict with Leslie, Kara shows up and fights her. Leslie gains the upper hand and nearly manages to stop Kara’s heart, but Cat distracts her long enough for Kara to grab a water pipe underground and use the power of science (!!!) to stop Livewire.

The next morning, Kara offers Winn some leftovers to pay him back for having to put up with Alex and Eliza. Winn mentions that he is thankful for her, and kisses her on the cheek (because it’s not like he likes her or anything). In perhaps the biggest shock of the series so far, Cat is actually nice to Kara and tells her that she should probably get to know her better.

Before she leaves, Eliza reveals to Alex and Kara that their father died working at the D.E.O. for a man named…Hank Henshaw. At the D.E.O., the sisters decide they need to know what really happened to Jeremiah Danvers.

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