‘Supergirl’ Recap: President Lynda Carter Arrives in ‘Welcome to Earth’

This week’s installment of Supergirl has action, suspense, and just the right amount of philosophical debate. And, oh yeah: LYNDA CARTER!!!

An Ill-Timed Visit from the President

Picking up immediately from last week’s episode, ‘Welcome to Earth’ begins with the mysterious alien visitor regaining consciousness and attacking Supergirl. Unfortunately, the DEO is unsuccessful in stopping him from escaping the complex. J’onn comments how the timing couldn’t have been worse as they have just turned all of their kryptonite over to Superman. The President is arriving in order to tour the DEO and her plans to make all aliens official Earth citizens. Kara is nervous to learn that the President expects Supergirl to be there at her arrival.

Back at CatCo, James is requesting headline pitches for the President’s upcoming arrival. It quickly becomes clear that Snapper Carr and James have very different working styles as they butt heads. You can definitely cut the tension with a knife. Kara is given her first reporting assignment, then quickly leaves as Supergirl is supposed to meet the President. As soon as the President steps off her plane, someone begins attacking with heat blasts. Although several Secret Service are killed, Supergirl saves the President. Alex tells Kara that the heat signature from the attacks matches blasts from Kryptonian heat vision and that their recent escapee must be the assassin. Her investigation is interrupted by Detective Maggie Sawyer who says she investigates crimes involving alien visitors. There’s definitely some interesting tension there between Alex and Maggie.

As the President tours the DEO, she learns that J’onn is against the Alien Amnesty Act due to the high number of alien threats that exist. Meanwhile, Kara conducts her first interview as a reporter with Lena Luthor in order to get her viewpoint on the President’s new laws on aliens. Lena unveils the prototype for an alien detection device. She shows Kara how it works, then offers it for her to try. Fortunately, Kara is able to stall Lena and then sabotage the device with her heat vision before testing it.

Meanwhile, Winn locates the escapee through his DEO medical bracelet. Alex leads a strike team there but unfortunately the only one there is Detective Sawyer who now knows the truth that the DEO exists.

Back at CatCo, Snapper criticizes Kara’s writing style for including her personal bias and demands a rewrite. James expresses doubt at being able to fill Cat’s shoes, and Kara tells him to be his own boss instead of another Ms. Grant. Alex meets up with Sawyer at a safe haven for alien visitors which is disguised as a dive bar. After a bit of conversation, they question one of its staff about possible whereabouts of their suspect.

Winn is able to discover that the escapee has sent out a distress signal, but Krypton is not its destination. Instead, the signal is being sent to a planet called Daxam. Kara is clearly distressed at this announcement and immediately goes after the visitor and incapacitates him.Back at the DEO, Kara shares that Daxam and Krypton were long-standing enemies that fought each other in a Great War that took many lives. Basically, Krypton was a democracy whose views differed from Daxam that was ruled as a monarchy. Supergirl attempts to question the

Back at the DEO, Kara shares that Daxam and Krypton were long-standing enemies that fought each other in a Great War that took many lives. Basically, Krypton was a democracy whose views differed from Daxam that was ruled as a monarchy. Supergirl attempts to question the Daxenite, making her feelings toward his race quite clear. He denies wanting to harm anyone and that his message was a distress call to let his people know he is alive. Kara doesn’t share with him that his planet is no more.

No Amesty for You

The President is preparing to put her Alien Amnesty plan into effect. As she begins to sign, she is attacked again, resulting in more deaths of Secret Service men. The attacker is revealed to be a patron of the safe haven that Alex was at the night before. Once again, the President is safe but Maggie has been taken. The assassin (who is referred later as Red Hot), says that amnesty is just another way of allowing the humans to control all aliens on the planet. Supergirl arrives and the two fight. Red Hot appears to have the upper-hand until Supergirl starts spinning around her really fast (I bet Flash gave her that idea) then as she struggles to get up, Maggie knocks her out with a lead pipe.

Back at Catco, Snapper is furious that James rewrote his article and threatens to walk. James calls his bluff and the two come to sort of a mutual understanding. Supergirl lets the Daxamite go having realized that she shouldn’t judge him based on past issues between their worlds. The Daxamite gives his name as Mon-El.

Aliens, Aliens, and More Aliens

After asking if Kara can help him get in touch with his homeworld, Kara has to break the bad news to him that Daxam was destroyed by solar storms from Krypton’s fallout. Later, the President thanks Kara and J’onn for their help and she advises J’onn to actually live in the world. As she walks away, the President’s face morphs and we discover she is actually an alien (HOLY HELL!).

Deciding to take the President up on her advice, J’onn decides to visit the safe haven in his actual form. The female bartender appears startled by J’onn, and he follows her out demanding to know who she is. It is there that J’onn discovers he is not the only survivor of Mars as the woman transforms into a Martian (HOLY HELL…..AGAIN!).

Assorted Tidbits:

This episode marks the first appearance of Lynda Carter as the President of the United States. Die-hard fans should recognize her from the 1970’s classic series Wonder Woman.
Supergirl’s awesome spin move to put out her flames was a nice nod to Carter’s Wonder Woman. I caught one other wink to the series as the President tells Supergirl, “you should see my other plane.”
I’m guessing there are going to be some interesting developments in the relationship of Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this in the comments.
Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. There was the moral debate that ran through it but I thought it was handled just right. This was another strong installment in a great second season!

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