‘Supergirl’ Recap: Kara Teams Up with Her Famous Cousin in ‘The Adventures of Supergirl’

Following Kara’s opening narration, The Adventures of Supergirl begins immediately where last season ended. Kara is spending some well-deserved time with her loved ones when they see a mysterious ball of light heading towards Earth. Supergirl and J’onn race to intercept the spaceship in a nice extended scene from last season. Arriving at the crash site, Supergirl is shocked to discover a pod identical to the one that brought her to Earth. Inside is an unconscious male Kryptonian.

A New Beginning

Supergirl is introduced to a new DEO facility and learns from J’onn that there are several facilities, not just the dirty underground cave where they spent all of season one. Winn is also there and has agreed to help the DEO discover the identity of the Kryptonian survivor. Kara and Alex discuss Kara’s dinner date with James when Kara gets a message from Cat demanding her immediate presence.

Back at CatCo, Ms. Grant asks Kara what job she wants now that she has been promoted. Cat shows her annoyance at Kara’s indecisiveness. After discussing possibilities, Cat gives Kara 48 hours to make a final decision. We are introduced to Cat’s new assistant in a brilliant nod to the original Superman movie (Calista Flockhart’s yelling of the name Miss Teschmacher was totally spot on for Gene Hackman).

James arrives for his date with Kara and expresses his surprise that she doesn’t want to watch the launch of the new Venture space shuttle. Unfortunately, the launch doesn’t go as planned and once in space begins to crash back to Earth.

The next scene shows Clark Kent receiving a call from Perry White. As Clark hears the announcement that the Venture is about to crash, our heroes get to work as both Superman and Supergirl fly to the scene. Our two heroes exchange a friendly greeting and manage to get the shuttle safely on the ground. Kara tells Superman she has dreamed of the day they could team up as they say hello to some young onlookers.

Supergirl and Superman arrive back at the DEO. Everyone (including Winn) is starstruck. Superman hugs Alex, while his meeting with J’onn is slightly more formal. Superman is introduced to the man in the pod, and he decides to investigate the crash of the Venture while he is in town as Clark Kent.

Contentious Relationships

Clark is up to his usual clumsiness upon arriving at CatCo, while Ms. Grant is quite excited that Clark Kent is in her building. Apparently, Cat has had a crush on Superman’s alter ego for some time (and even drunk texted him once). Kara apologizes to James that their date was interrupted and insists that the next one will go more smoothly. Alex calls Kara to report that the one passenger who didn’t show up for the Venture flight was Lena Luther, sister of a certain criminal mastermind that we all know. Meanwhile, a man tells someone that it is time to launch Plan B as the Venture crash did not go according to plan. Clark and Kara question Lena regarding her absence on the Venture. Lena knows that Clark doesn’t trust her, but she insists that she is trying to turn her back on her evil family legacy.

Alex confronts J’onn about his tumultuous relationship with Clark. We learn about “Operation Emerald,” one of the first missions that J’onn led following his taking the identity of Hank Henshaw. J’onn tells Alex that Operation Emerald was, in fact, a large amount of Kryptonite that crashed in the desert. While Superman wanted it destroyed, J’onn kept it in DEO custody as protection against evil Kryptonians. Their disagreement resulted in their antagonism with each other.

Assassin’s Creed

Lena boards her helicopter when futuristic assault drones attempt to kill her. Fortunately, our heroes arrive in a nick of time. The assassin tells them that he has drones that will attack the city. Supergirl protects the chopper while Superman goes after the other drones.

James sees that Kara is having second thoughts about their relationship despite her denial. Cat and Kara have a heartfelt talk about Kara not appreciating the things she has in her life and calls Kara out on her fear of change.

Lena’s attacker is identified by the DEO as an assassin named John Corben. Alex encourages J’onn to make peace with Superman, but the Man of Steel refuses as long as Kryptonite is housed there. Lena makes a public statement renouncing her brother’s criminal actions and her renaming of the company as “L Corp” in order to usher in a brighter future. Her speech is cut short by a series of explosions . Alex stops Corben from shooting Lena as our heroes attempt stop the L Corp building from collapsing. While Superman holds up the building, Kara manages to create a support beam. Corben gets the drop on Alex and states that Lex is still a powerful employer even behind bars. He tells Supergirl that he is escaping and there is nothing she can do–right before being shot and killed by Lena.

The Blossoming of Kara

Lena thanks Clark for the positive article he wrote for the Daily Planet, and Clark admits he was wrong for not trusting her. Kara tells Cat that she wants to be a reporter, feeling that this is her true calling. Cat shows Kara her resume with “Reporter” scribbled on it, stating she knew from the moment she met her that this was her destiny all along. Following some inspiring words, Cat tells Kara to get out and start living her new life. Cat calls her assistant in saying she needs to make some calls, clearly at a crossroads in her own life.

Kara tells James that now that she has figured out who Supergirl is, she wants to figure out who Kara is. She then tells James that she wants them to just be friends. Meanwhile, Winn proudly accepts an official position with the DEO. Clark tells Kara he has decided to stick around “for a while” in order to spend some time with her and learn more about Krypton.

Enter Metallo

The episode ends with Corben waking up at Cadmus being told by a scientist that she with a push of a button she can end his life or he can be reborn anew. After making his decision, his body is infused with some type of chemical and begins to change. The scientist then names him Metallo.

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