‘Supergirl’ Recap: Cyborg Superman Debuts in ‘The Darkest Place’

‘The Darkest Place’ opens with what appears to be Supergirl and J’onn fighting. Supergirl asks why he’s fighting her, and he simply responds that it’s time for her to die.

Flashback to 24 hours earlier. Kara, Alex, James, and Winn are debating about whether Guardian is a hero or a menace. James and Winn act very suspiciously, but Kara and Alex don’t appear to notice. Alex believes that Guardian must have a sidekick as he always seems to be one step ahead of the bad guys. Kara says that vigilantes shouldn’t be trusted as she recalls the time her cousin worked with one. I loved the Batman Easter Egg in this discussion! Alex gets pulled away by Maggie who asks if they are alright as she hasn’t returned her calls, and Alex plays it cool. Returning to the table, Alex asks where Mon-El is and Kara says probably hanging out with one of his many girlfriends.

Mon-El is being held in a cage by Cadmus. After tricking the guard and getting his keys, Mon-El attempts to escape. The head of Cadmus, aka Lena’s mother, convinces him to stay as she has also captured J’onn and has threatened to kill him.


However, J’onn is actually safe at the DEO as M’gann pays him a visit to drop off an old Martian herbal remedy to help in his recovery from last week’s transfusion. J’onn hallucinates his dead wife and daughters.

The Guardian…of Murder?

The Guardian captures a burglar and strings him upside-down before racing to fight his next crime. Another vigilante shows up on the scene and guns the criminal down. I have a feeling this will not bode well for Mr. Olsen’s new superhero persona. The next morning, James learns that the Guardian was set up for the murder of the burglar. He tries to defend the Guardian to Snapper, but is told her is biased as his best friends are superheroes. Winn arrives in full panic mode, and James says the two of them can stop this other vigilante tonight at a drug bust.

Back at the DEO, J’onn admits to Supergirl about his recent hallucinations. The two share a great bonding moment, as Supergirl thinks he feels guilty about his affection for M’gann. She encourages her friend to find love as this allows him to be whole again.

During the drug bust, the copycat vigilante arrives and kills one of the dealers before fighting Guardian. Watching this fight made me realize that they should really have made a Robocop vs. Judge Dredd movie. That would have been so epic! The copycat escapes, and the police open fire on Guardian before he makes his escape.

Supergirl is on her way to assist when she is interrupted by Cadmus transmitting on a frequency only she can hear. Mother Luthor advises her to come alone or Mon-El dies. Supergirl arrives, and we are now back at the moment the episode started. It turns out that Hank Henshaw is still alive, and thanks to Cadmus, has been cybernetically enhanced. Referring to himself as ‘Cyborg Superman’ he and Supergirl get into an intense grudge match. Hank says that he agrees with the philosophy of Cadmus in that all aliens must be eliminated. I have to admit I was disappointed that Cyborg Superman wasn’t Dean Cain. Oh well, can’t have everything.

Back at the DEO, Alex wonders where Kara is and when says probably at CatCo. Since Winn is awful at keeping secrets, he basically rats James out as Guardian. Alex threatens to call Kara, but Winn talks her into letting James work this out for himself.

Supergirl wakes up in a cage next to Mon-El. She attempts to escape, but the bars are made of a metal she can’t break. Ma Luthor arrives, and Kara recognizes her from Lena’s office. We then get a speech from Ma Luthor that shows us just how twisted she truly is. She then threatens to murder Mon-El unless Supergirl agrees to her demands. Mrs. Luthor shows Supergirl a helmet that will allow her to use her heat vision until her power is completely drained, allowing her to be temporarily human. She expends her powers and once vulnerable is taken to a room and drained of some blood.

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