Stephen Amell: ‘Arrow’ Season 5 is ‘F-cking Mean’

‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell answered fan questions and teased Season 5 during Facebook Live video

Sometimes you just never know where the news if gonna come from. Apparently out of boredom, Arrow star took to Facebook Live yesterday “from an undisclosed tropical location” to talk to fans and decided to hold an impromptu Q&A session. In the end, Amell actually revealed several new tidbits about the show’s upcoming fifth season.

You can view the entire 15-minute video here.

Here are the highlights:

Stunt choreographer James Bamford will direct the first two episodes of Season 5, which for the first time on Arrow, will be filmed simultaneously.
Episode 5×01 will feature a long tracking shot that Amell describes as possibly “the most vicious, violent oner shot in the history of network television.” Amell insisted on doing the shot himself, without a stunt double. Bamford agreed but said Amell must do it shirtless.
Filming for Arrow Season 5 begins on July 5, with the oner shot being filmed on July 13. That gives Amell 21 days to regain the 20 pounds of muscle lost during the summer haitus.
Amell says that if episode 5×01 is any indication, “Arrow‘s going to be fucking mean this year.”
At first Amell says there will be a new Arrow suit this year, before correcting himself to say that it will be a “slightly modified version.”
Amell calls the news that The Flash will be doing the Flashpoint storyline “sick” (the good kind).
When asked if anyone from Legends of Tomorrow would appear in Arrow episode 5×01, Amell replied “no comment,” but did reveal the episode will feature someone we haven’t seen “in two whole seasons.”
In response to a question about “Olicity,” Amell simply said, “What about it?” and moved on to the next question.
Amell said that the Flashpoint storyline on The Flash “certainly could” affect Arrow as well.
When asked about a crossover between Supergirl and Arrow, Amell reiterated that a massive crossover event is planned, but he doesn’t know which characters will be crossing over to which shows.
The crowdfunded film Code 8, from Stephen and Robbie Amell, is in a state of “flux.” Filming is tentatively scheduled for next summer, but it will depend on Stephen’s hiatus plans.
Arrow was originally planned to run for five seasons, relating to the five years Oliver spent on the island. However, Amell is under contract for “a few more years.”
When asked if Arrow will be evil next season, Amell responded no, “just a little meaner.”
Amell would love to do a convention in Australia, possibly during a Christmas break.
If he could film an episode of Arrow in any country, Amell would choose the United States — Los Angeles, specifically — because that’s where he lives.
When asked if Black Canary would be returning to the show, Amell demurred, saying, “The idea of Black Canary and what it means and what it embodies in Star City is something we’re gonna explore this year.”
Oliver Queen will be sporting a little more of a salt and pepper look this year, as Amell’s hair has grown back with more grey after his end-of-season buzz cut.
Amell would love to direct someday, but not on Arrow.
When asked to describe episode 5×01 in one word, Amell chose “Legacy.”

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