Greg Berlanti Teases Crossovers, ‘Supergirl’ Joining the Arrowverse

Super producer Greg Berlanti says ‘there’s definitely crossovers happening’

“Story-wise, it’s fun to think of the shows actually truly all in one universe.”

Earlier this week, Variety held its annual Night in the Writer’s Room event, where producers from various television shows take the stage to share thoughts and insights on the current TV landscape. One of the participants this year was Arrow/The Flash/DC’s Legends of Tomorrow/Supergirl co-creator and producer Greg Berlanti, and he dropped some interesting tidbits on the upcoming season for all four shows.

Berlanti revealed that he was truly in the dark about Supergirl‘s move to The CW until the very end, saying, “About a week before it happened, people were asking me and I was like, ‘No! It’s not going to happen.’”

A very intriguing possibility is mentioned by Berlanti next: “It was fun being on CBS, but CW, we obviously make a lot of these shows with CW. We obviously have a shorthand. Story-wise, it’s fun to think of the shows actually truly all in one universe.”

Could this mean Supergirl will somehow merge to become a true part of the Arrowverse? Or is Berlanti just referring to the possibility of additional crossovers, like last year’s appearance from the Flash on Supergirl?

On that note, CW president Mark Pedowitz has already confirmed a giant four-way crossover event is in the works, but Berlanti elaborated on the scale and number of crossovers, as well as why crossovers are so appealing:

“There’s definitely crossovers happening. They’re happening. There’s like mini ones and then there’s bigger ones.

“Storytelling-wise, to me, comic books were the original great crossover in that you would see characters pop up in other people’s worlds and it would make both worlds seem larger.”

Berlanti also admitted that the annual winter crossover event is “always a nightmare,” something likely to be even more of a headache with this year’s addition of Supergirl to the mix.

All of the producers on stage had some strong opinions on the influence and importance of social media, including Berlanti. Arrow fans on social media have mostly segmented into two opposing groups (“Olicity” and “Anti-Olicity”), and Berlanti spoke about how to react to those responses:

“There are not a lot of middle-of-the-road attitudes on social media…they’re really passionate. I’ve watched through the years now with Twitter in particular, people start to realize it can turn and then it can turn really dark…that’s something I think to be mindful of. Who are you telling the stories for? It’s not just for audience reaction. Something else important to be mindful of is that executives don’t use that as research. There’s a neat quality to seeing the response, but you have to gauge it appropriately.”

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