‘Supergirl’ Recap: Barry and Cisco Arrive in ‘Medusa’

This week’s installment of Supergirl has been advertised as the beginning of the huge Heroes vs. Aliens crossover. Well, technically it doesn’t actually happen until the final two minutes unless you count the two teases that occur before that. This week, our caped heroine faces off against the evil Cadmus in their attempt to eradicate all alien life on Earth. In an episode packed with action and suspense (along with the obligatory heart-to-heart chats), this was a fairly decent installment of Supergirl.

Pass the Turkey and the Interdimensional Portal

It’s Thanksgiving with the Danvers! As everyone gathers at Kara’s apartment for dinner, James and Winn argue about how to tell Kara that James is Guardian. Alex orders them to not tell Kara as she is planning to come out to her mother. My main question from the opening scene is this: Even though heat vision cooks the turkey faster, does that necessarily make it better? Oh well, nice to see Kara using her powers toward frivolous ends, you know the very thing she chastises Mon-El for only a couple of episodes back. Speaking of Earth’s newest alien, I kind of felt like the “stuffing” gag fell a bit flat. Of course, I would rather have that than the potential romance building between him and Kara. I’m really hoping this isn’t another repeat of the James story from the first season.

It’s so exciting when the portal opens above the table! I was hoping maybe Barry and Cisco were going to be around for the whole episode. What a tease!

Viral Content


At the DEO, the team knows they need to learn what Lillian Luthor is planning. Kara decides to go play detective with Lena under the guise of writing an article on her. Oh, that’s right, she’s a reporter. I actually forgot this over the past couple of weeks. However, Kara’s subtle reporting style basically clues Lena into her mother’s funny business in about two minutes. Kara might as well have just grabbed her by the shoulders and screamed questions at her.

As Mon-El is getting hit on by another female alien, he spots who he believes to be J’onn and follows him outside. Turns out J’onn is acting weird because it’s not J’onn but Cyborg Hank who basically kicks Mon-El’s alien ass. Before leaving the bar, Hank had planted some type of gas, which immediately kills all the aliens in the bar.

Mon-El is kept in quarantine at the DEO until they can determine if he is carrying whatever the virus is. Alex suggests they bring in her mother due to her experience in extraterrestrial biology. Back at L-Corp, Lena confronts her mother as we learn more about their rocky relationship. I will say, I love the character of Lillian Luthor, as she portrays the right level of creepiness.

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