Exclusive Interview with Lance Ausfresser, Founder of Facebook’s Biggest Arrowverse Groups

If you’re looking to connect with other Arrowverse fans, there are a lot of options out there. Even if you just stick with Facebook (the world’s largest social media platform), there are dozens of pages and groups available. But by far, the largest, most organized Facebook Groups belong to a man named Lance Ausfresser.

Lance Ausfresser

Lance is the founder of a number of different Facebook Groups devoted to DC Comics fandom, including four for the main Arrowverse shows: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

With over 10,000 members in each of the Arrow, Flash, and Legends groups, they are by far the largest Facebook Groups devoted to each show. Lance and his admin team run a tight ship, too, keeping the discussions clean, friendly, and focused in all of his groups.

In anticipation of this week’s season premieres of The Flash and Arrow (with Supergirl and Legends coming next week), Lance agreed to entertain a few questions from Arrowverse.tv.

Talking Arrowverse with Lance

Arrowverse.tv: How did you get started with creating your Arrowverse Facebook Groups? What prompted you to start them?

Lance Aufresser: Everyone was making pages on Facebook with just a bunch of random likes and some page owners didn’t give you the option to make your own topic. I wanted to do something more with a community feel and with my own personal vision.

Lance: OMG NO WAY!! I added my own spin to the Arrow group calling it the “ARROW CAVE” and then down the road calling [the Flash group] “FLASH FACTS!!” I’m an old school fan, and I wanted that to be implemented in the name.

Arrowverse.tv: So were you a DC Comics fan prior to the start of Arrow? What got you into comics initially?

Lance: I’m 46 now, I’ve been a fan of comics I’m thinking around 40 years now. In regards to Green Arrow, my first comics would probably be THE JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Arrowverse.tv: Are there members of your groups who are cast members or crew members on any of the shows?

Lance: We have Marc Guggenheim in my Arrow, and I think Supergirl groups. I have John Wesley Shipp in my Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow groups.

I have dozens of DC personnel that I try and tie them to that specific group. Whether they worked on a Supergirl, Flash or Green Arrow comic, I have them as members.

I also [have] several writers and producers that are behind the scenes whom they asked me to not drop their names.

Arrowverse.tv: Have you ever been contacted by the Arrowverse producers for any reason?

Arrowverse.tv: Other than the four Arrowverse Groups, what other Facebook Groups do you have?

Lance: We have a GOTHAM, DC CINEMATIC, GLC and we created a group for TheStream.tv for their CW AFTERSHOWS.

Arrowverse.tv: Do you have a favorite among the four Arrowverse shows?

Lance: FLASH! I find it more exciting and more true to the comic book characters.

Arrowverse.tv: Even more specifically, do you have a favorite character?

Lance: I’m a huge DC FAN. I’d go with FIRESTORM, I’m looking forward to seeing him utilize his transforming powers.

Arrowverse.tv: What are you most looking forward to in the new seasons of each show?




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