‘Arrow’ Bringing Talia al Ghul into Season 5

Another new character is joining Arrow for Season 5, and this time it’s something of a surprise. Ra’s al Ghul’s other daughter, Talia al Ghul, is finally coming to Arrow.

Talia al Ghul

Talia did briefly appear as a child in the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, but we haven’t seen any mention of her as an adult. She’ll be played on Arrow by Continuum actress Lexa Doig.

The CW’s official announcement says Talia is “the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) and the half-sister of Nyssa (Katrina Law). Worldly and cultured, Talia is an elite warrior who doesn’t pick sides but rather creates her own. She will initially appear in episode 510 and appear in multiple episodes.”

More Batman Connections

Talia al Ghul is an important character in the pages of DC Comics. She and Batman have had an on and off again relationship for years. Talia is also the mother of Bruce Wayne’s son, Damien Wayne. Damien is currently patrolling the streets with his dad as the new Robin.

French actress Marion Cotillard played Talia al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises. She disguises herself as a new member of the Wayne Enterprises board but is actually responsible for Bane’s plan to take over Gotham City.

There’s no word yet on whether Matt Nable or Katrina Law will return as Ra’s or Nyssa al Ghul. It would seem odd to introduce Talia without at least one of those two characters coming along.

Even more interesting, the title for episode 5×10 is ‘Who Are You?’. It’s been speculated that this could refer to the identity of Prometheus. Could Talia al Ghul be the woman behind the mask? If so, what’s her connection with Season 1 and the need for vengeance against Green Arrow?

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