The greatest villain will join Thor

is to face the greatest supervillain of .

The plot of the updated Thor series will happen in the in the distant future. The gray-haired Thor will try to protect the life on Earth that just started to reappear. When the Power of the Phoenix returns possessed by Old Logan, the older embodiments of legendary supervillains meet with an old adversary who outlasted them – Dr. Victor von Doom.

Doom is one of the smartest images in the universe of Marvel. A sworn foeman of the Fantastic Four, intelligent competitor of Reed Richards, and the ruler of a state called Latveria – he does everything to destroy the kind and all favorite superheroes.

His country provides him with his own army and all the necessary resources. Having connections with many galactic leaders, Dr. Doom is considered one of the most respected and dangerous villains in the comic Marvel book.

After enduring thousands of years, the mystical abilities of Doom grew massively. The villain collects an army of monsters for a grandiose struggle for the future.

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