Fantastic Four officially returns

In the of , there will be again the , which the publisher officially announced.

Marvel is preparing a new story from Sara Pichelli and Dan Slot, who will return the original four. The team will consist of Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Lady, The Man-Torch, and the Being, whose stories will be continued in the current 2-In-One series.

The Fantastic Four disappeared from the comic book pages after the Secret Wars, when Reed and Sue Richards set off on a journey to distant space in order to restore the destruction, while Johnny Storm and Ben Grim scattered in other teams with varying success. But this fall, the family will reunite in a new comic book, the scriptwriter of which will be Dan Slot and the artist of which will be Sara Pichelli.

The Fantastic Four, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, debuted in the comic The Fantastic Four No. 1, released in 1961. In addition to the main members of the team, other superheroes sometimes joined the group, including the Black Panther and the Ant-Man.

The return of the Fantastic Four may have been inevitable, but with such a creative team, comics look very promising.

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