The transgendered hero – new superhero is introduced in the “Supergirl” series

American actress will be the first transgender to play a superhero on American television. She will join the fourth season of series on that will premiere on October 14.

Nicole Maines, who is actively fighting for the rights of the LGBT community outside the screen, will embody the hero-transgender, who also tries to help people, including those with non-traditional orientation.

Maines was born in New York in 1997. According to her, she realized she was of the opposite sex at the age of three and independently chose a woman’s name for herself. While studying at school, Nicky tried to go to the female bathroom, but she was forbidden. As a teenager, Maines filed and won a lawsuit against the school, gaining the right to use a women’s toilet. This victory enabled other American transgenders to refer to her precedent, defending their rights.

The Supergirl series tells about ’s cousin – Kara Zor-El. Maines will play a character named Nia Nal, known as the Dreamer – a superheroin capable of predicting the death of other people. However, in the original DC comic books, nothing indicates that Nia Nal is a transgender.

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