Robert De Niro may play in a new Joker film

The rumor has it that the studio Warner Bros. is in talks with , who was invited to play in the new film The . This is the film, which stands apart from the . The main role will be played by Joaquin Phoenix. If the actor agrees with the producers, then this will be the first appearance of De Niro in the films about superheroes.

The plot is kept secret, but it is known that the central place in the film will be the becoming of the Joker as one of the most dangerous villains of . It is reported that De Niro will play the role of a TV presenter whose figure is of particular importance in the history of the Joker. The film will unfold in Gotham in the early 1980s.

The script of the film was written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver. The shooting starts in New York in September. The film should be released in autumn 2019.

As previously reported, a new trailer for the fantasy film Alita: Battle Angel was presented by Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron.

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