Not all shows are from the same universe – DC shows

Following the news about all the upcoming releases from , they decided it would be rational to explain to fans that they are not building a universe. All the releases that are about to come out on the streaming service are nor connected with each other.

Before it was confirmed that the spin-off and will be connected but Swam Thing won’t belong to the same universe and there will be no references to any of the events happening in the former show.

The show universe of DC comics is not at all like their opponent from Marvel. Heroes are duplicated, the storylines do not overlap at all, and Warner Bros. is not at all interested in the events of all the shows taking place in the same universe.

The is constantly evolving, new heroes regularly appear in it, some of which come to the series from other worlds. If you watch or Superhero, then the fact of the existence of parallel realities where the events went differently, which led to changes in the structure of society and in the life of individual characters, will not be new to you.

DC Universe will be available this autumn for $75 a year or $8 a month.

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