Jordan Calloway will be regular in the series of Black Lightning

In a new season of , will return to play the supervillain .

In season one, Calloway starred as Kahlil Payne. While at a high school, a bullet damaged his spine and he became paralyzed. The declared enemy of Black Lightning helped the boy by offering him muscle improvements and cybernetic legs transforming him in the weapon known as Painkiller. His superpower is strength and speed.

Black Lightning is one of the first black comic superheroes. The hero is known mainly for being conceived as a white racist who, in stressful situations, turns into a black superhero. The editor, who approved this character, was fired from DC before the publication of the first comics about him.

The role of Black Lightning will be performed by Kress Williams.

The main character of the Black Lightning – , many years ago decided to hang his superhero costume on a nail. However, a daughter-in-law and a promising student, recruited by a local gang, force him to return to the fight against evil.

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