New Animated Film about Wonder Woman announced

continues to please fans with announcements of new animated films. First of all, again confirmed the second animated film from the dilogy on the death of Superman – Reign of the Supermen. The premiere of this film will take place at the beginning of 2019.

In addition, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five will be presented in 2019. The third announced novelty is a full-length cartoon : about a Wonder Woman. Obviously, it will be timed to the film Wonder Woman 1984 and will be released in 2019 as well.

The last animated film about Wonder Woman premiered in 2009 and starred Nathan Fillion and Keri Russel. Even though it was highly criticized, it didn’t do good in the box office, which made WB call off a scheduled sequel and other films centered on females.

It is not known yet if the Bloodlines will be the 2009 film’s sequel or a continuation of the other animated movies by DC.

Bloodlines could have an original storyline since there is no story with such a name. The film may explore the true origins of Wonder Woman that have changed. Initially, it was stated that Wonder Woman was made from clay but then it was explained that she is Zeus’s daughter.

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