Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five animated movies will come out in 2019

In a new movie that will be released in 2019, the League will meet supervillains. This news was announced during .

There are a few episodes that feature , but because they are not in the publishing line of , five supervillains haven’t been seen for some time.

Fatal Five is a command of a supervillains of the 30th century. They first came out in Adventure Comics N 352 (1967) as enemies of the Legion of Superheroes. The members include:

  • The Emerald Empress is given power by the mystical Eye of Ekron, which allows her to fly, shoot energy, and breathe in space. During the DC history, there were a few bearers of the Eye of Ekron, each of which wore the title of Emerald Empress.
  • Tharok is a supervillain who leads The Fatal Five.
  • Validus is the child of two founders of the Legion. He was kidnapped and sent back in time. He became a monster with an easily controlled mind.
  • The Persuader possesses an atomic ax that can cut through anything.
  • Mano is one of the greatest galaxy’s murderers.

Many wonder if the upcoming will show the super heroes Legion into the line of DC. The will be one of four DC new movies released in 2019.

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