Fake news about the rebranding of Worlds of DC

For the last week, the news about the rebranding of Worlds of was everywhere. The internet was raving about the fact that WB has rebranded the to the Worlds of DC.

However, that was a fake story that somehow became very popular online and picked up steam as a real story announced by WB during the . But it never happened. It was a showboating from DC that was supposed to excite the fans and demonstrate to them the visual world the DC was working on in the movie and TV studios. It was never an official statement of the product.

Those who attended the Hall H have reported that Warner Bros. made a display of a DC’s sizzle reel films and then there was a graphic with the words “Welcome to the Worlds of DC”.

No official statement was made about the DCEU being rebranded. And nothing was mentioned about the official name for the DCEU in any of the WB’s press releases. The TV and movie DC’s universe stays without a name.

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