The top is conquered! “The War of Infinity” has collected 2 billion dollars box office

Many doubted that the “War of Infinity” would be able to do this, but the comics still achieved its goal. His box office revenue exceeded 2 billion dollars.

As early as Sunday, they were $ 1.999.471 million, but over Monday the film managed to earn an additional $ 921,000. This turned out to be more than enough to overcome such an important milestone. Congratulations to Marvel!

This “most ambitious crossover” took 48 days, which is a day more than the “Avatar” to take a similar mark. But we managed to get ahead of the “The Force Awakens” for as long as six days.
More than 32% of the interest was collected on the territory of the United States, and it is almost over 654 million dollars. Then China came, where the hire was extended for a whole month, with 353 million.
Of course, on two billions the film will not stop. Now the picture is to overtake Star Wars: Awakening Force ($ 2.068 billion), which will make the movie the third highest grossing film in history.

Plane of expectations from the “” is now raised to heaven. It remains only to wait for the premiere of the film, which will be held on May 2, 2019.

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