Rumor: Marvel is considering the possibility of shooting a solo movie about Hawkeye

According to the website MCU Cosmic, referring to its sources, has said that is developing a solo film about . The same sources have reported that the studio is working on the adaptation of the comic “Eternal”.

Marvel has several ideas related to existing characters. One of these characters may be Hawkeye. Nobody says that everything has already been approved, but negotiations are under way.

In a recent press conference, Kevin Feige talked about the future of the MCU. He said he wants to continue the story of the characters that the audience is already familiar with. In addition, in future films will be introduced characters, of which not yet shot a single movie.

There is no point in saying anything yet. In any case, this will not happen soon. However, this is good news. It is possible that Clint Barton will appear in “Avengers 4” in the image of Ronin, and Kate Bishop can wear the mantle of Hawkeye, which would allow Marvel to introduce another woman into the movie.

Anyway, in any case, it will be interesting to know what the studio will offer the fans along with the next phase of the cabled Marvel.

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