Really this time for real? Marvel again teasers Wolverine’s return

Publisher Marvel announced a new miniseries – The Return of , which finally promise to tell how he did come back to life in September 2017 in the comic-one-shot Marvel Legacy.

We have previously talked about another one-shot – The Hunt for Wolverine, in which we are told how Logan emerged from the cocoon of adamantium, where he died after losing a healing factor in the mini-series The Death of Wolverine.

After the loss of Logan from the grave, four mini-series of comic books immediately followed. In them, Wolverine’s friends and former colleagues try to find him and understand how he all the same resurrected.

Apparently, this will not be revealed to us in these stories, since on September 19 the Return of Wolverine will start. There will be five issues in total. Charles Saul writes, Steve McNiven draws (they also worked on “Death” and “Hunting”). “Return” will be the final part in their trilogy about Wolverine (Death, Hunt, Return). They promise that Logan will have a new ability – his claws will heat up.

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