New rumors about Batman: Robin girl, new suit and more

The information appeared on the Reddit forum. However, it is not confirmed because everything written below should be taken with a large share of skepticism.

Warner Bros. would like to get rid of aesthetics, which was laid in the cinema world by DC Zack Snyder. The changes will start with “Suicide Squad 2”. For example, Joker will get rid of scars and expensive jewelry.

The new “” is certainly not a prequel, but it is also not the beginning of a trilogy. The studio wants them to establish the so-called “universe of Gotham” to start introducing new acquaintances of the Dark Knight beginning from this movie. Although the film is formally included in the DCEU, it is quite independent in its essence.

It seems that Ben Affleck will still be overboard the “Batman” movie, but initially he even personally wanted to direct it. According to the script, Reeves wants someone “younger, thinner, quicker and deeper.” Jake Gyllenhaal is also falling away.

As an inspiration, the director turned to the “Dark Knight “, Christopher Nolan, and is focused on the work of David Lynch. It will be interesting to see how it will affect the final result.

The possible villains are Riddler, Penguin, Two-face and Victor Zsasz. People already draw concept arts for them. However, this time Robin is a girl, just like in “Return of the Dark Knight”. Of course, she will have a new suit, which is described as “paramilitary”.

If the rumors are true, the script is already complete, and Reeves is making changes and adjustments to it. However, it is better not to hope once again and wait for official information.

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