Jeremy Renner explained how his broken hands affected the filming of “Avengers 4”

Jeremy Renner, who played the role of Hawkeye for Marvel, gave a new interview to Entertainment Weekly, in which he told them how the filming of “” was influenced by his broken hands.

The third day of filming the comedy “You drive!” witnessed the broken hands of Jeremy. Due to the trauma it was difficult to use bow and arrow, but he needed to play the role of a superhero precisely. However, Renner did everything that was required. They did even more.

“It’s something like a battle of my will with fractures — I had to heal as quickly as possible. I went to painful therapy courses every day and tried my best. What should have I done – sit down and cry? It would sound quite silly: “Sorry, I won’t take a bow and arrow in “Avengers.” It’s stupid, so I had to persevere to play with everyone.”

Marvel fans have already seen the updated look of Hawkeye, but the character completely missed “The War of Infinity.” Judging by the leaked details of the script of “Avengers 4”, Rousseau brothers have managed to find a job for the retired hero.


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