Incredibles 2 is Incredibly Progressive Too


Okay so like Incredibles 2 was like a breath of fresh air despite tackling the superhero tropes and the need to live up to its predecessor.

1. Feminism

You got our favorite superhero mom, Elastigirl who becomes breadwinner for the family. Although she’s concerned with her role as a mother, that’s no longer all she is defined as anymore. She says to Bob that there’s a lot he doesn’t know about her still (Mohawk?) and that goes for us too. We see her now as a determined hero, resourceful and being GENUINELY EXCITED about her success which is just so wholesome. Not to mention the ‘boss’ fight was between a heroine and a female sidekick and a female villain.

2. Marriage

There’s been talk about how their marriage is so wholesome and I think so too. Maybe you’d think that Bob’s ego gets in the way of it but that to me is forgiveable. He had the spotlight for so long and he has clearly missed it the most. It’s a blow to his ego that he wasn’t picked but he makes an effort to overcome that by being as supportive as he can be to Helen as she tries to be supportive of him taking care of the kids while she’s gone. They both switch roles here which is a step out of both their comfort zones. They get through it together.

3. Parenting

Parenting is a recurring theme in this one. Everyone shares the responsibilities of taking care of super powered baby Jack Jack. More importantly, Bob is completely out of his element but makes a tremendous effort to learn and to fix his shortcomings. It’s nice that the movie depicts parenting as difficult task because it is. It’s inadvertently saying that good parents are kind of like superheroes, which is an endearing sentiment.

4. Media Influence

Supers are presented as the minority. The whole Screenslaver bit and the general Bring Supers Back campaign allude to the power media has over the society which is very current. It also presents that bringing about change is about gaining public support and not by force. The power of the people and whatnot.

Incredibles 2 was worth the 14 year wait.

Now please make Incredibles 3 so we can all see our Jack Jack of all Trades as like a 6 year old ‘cause he’s got so much personality already.

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