From the space biker to the defenders of the galaxy: in Injustice 2 Lobo became the Green Lantern

On June 12th, the Injustice 2 # 62 comic book was released, which continued the story leading to the events of Injustice 2. In the new release, the writer Tom Taylor surprised the fans again by presenting something that was not in the original universe – an unexpected candidate to participate in the corps.

The history of the comic book-prequel to Injustice 2 is huge.

The green lantern Hal Jordan in the period of Injustice: Gods Among Us and his prequel comics supported Superman and his regime, which caused a conflict between Jordan and the Green Lantern corps, dissatisfied with the fact that Clark Kent essentially captured the Earth, announcing his own orders there. Hal joined forces with the leader of the Yellow Lanterns of Sinestro, and together they defeated Jordan’s former comrades-in-arms. Hal himself then became the Yellow Lantern.

When Batman and his Resistance managed to defeat Superman and his allies, Jordan was stripped of the Yellow Ring and brought before the Guardians Court. They sentenced him to prison, but Hal’s detention was violated by the invasion of the Red Light District.

Atrocitus and his body gave the Starro-Conqueror’s red ring (a huge cosmic starfish), and then used his anger to attack the main planet of the Green Lanterns. Hal insisted that he be given the opportunity to participate in the battle, and the Keepers allowed Jordan and Sinestro to briefly return their rings.

But the lanterns are very small, and there are many more enemies. Especially with the fact that part of the corps was under Starro’s control. On the side of green lanterns, in addition to Hal, were Titans from the Earth – Superboy, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and others. And with them Lobo came. He was hired by the Metronome (from the New Gods) to deliver the Blue Beetle for battle with Starro.

Without alternatives, the corps allowed Lobo to take his own ring to briefly become a Green Lantern and help in combat.

In a word, Injustice 2 times over orders that Tom Taylor is ready for any experiments, changing the characters in a completely unexpected way. And Lobo’s green lantern is clearly not the last and not the brightest of their experiments.

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