Does Deadpool kill Batman’s parents?

How did the mouthy mercenary think up his origin?

June 6 saw the launch of a new series of comics about . Wade Wilson remembers absolutely nothing about his past, so he decided to come up with a new history of his origin with a launch of a supersonic warhead.

The chatty mercenary touches different options, each of which refers to some known superhero. For example, in one of them he was regenerated after irradiation with gamma radiation (Hulk), in the other he was bitten by a radioactive spider (spider-Man), and in the third one Deadpool is the last son of the dead world, who has been adopted and raised by earthlings (Superman).

However, the funniest version, “invented” by him, refers to a darkest superhero called DC. Someone kills the parents of a little boy when the family returns home at night. However, the child was not Wade, but Bruce Wayne (his name is not called). Deadpool appears to be the killer of the parents of someone who could become in the future. This flashback occurred in the marvel universe, and Wilson is not sure whether it happened actually or not.

Deadpool is a character who was invented in the early 90s by an artist Rob Liefeld and a writer Fabian Nicieza. According to the story of comic, Deadpool (his real name — Wade Wilson) is a mercenary who has fallen ill with cancer and agreed to undergo experiments in the secret program “Weapon X” in order to be cured.  Deadpool recovered during the experiments, but he lost his mind. That’s why he understood what thing was inside the comic. This feature made him a postmodern hero of Marvel.


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