DC will restart Vertigo and release seven comics

is an imprint of comics publishing house, producing comics for a more adult audience and often containing scenes of violence, alcohol consumption and explicit depiction of sexuality. Each comic was produced with such a note on the front side: “Intended for adult readers.” The company has several times received the most prestigious award in the field of comics which is called Eisner Award. Such comics as “Hellblazer”, “The Sandman” and “V for Vendetta” were released under the Vertigo brand.

Due to the fact that Vertigo turns 25 this year, DC Comics decided to rebrand its imprint and release seven new comics in honor of the event. Four of them will come out this year. Since the company is specialized in comics for an adult audience, nothing has changed in this respect. All seven of the comics touch upon a hotly debated topic.

The decision to rebrand was made by the editor-in-chief of Vertigo, Mark Doyle, who took the post last year. Doyle had previously worked on Batman comics, and also had witnessed some relationships with Gotham Academy, Grayson and Batgirl.

It’s time to restore DC Vertigo. We go back to our roots, talking about complex and discussed topics. Our team is ready to tell you what they know. New stories with new characters and huge worlds to explore are what comics were to me. We create a new generation of DC Vertigo classic for readers of all genres.

Seven new stories will be released along with the already announced line of comics of Sandman Universe.

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