Chris Hemsworth said that the role in Ghostbusters helped him in the Marvel movies.

Do you remember the restart of “” which was the most shameless and terrible? It turned out that Chris Hemsworth, who has played the role of secretary there, is quite happy with his role, because it helped him in the MCU.

He told the Esquire publication about it. He hadn’t been a big fan of improvisation during the filming before the launch of “Ghostbusters”, but the film helped him overcome his shortcoming.

“I’ve never had as much fun as during these shootings, and it was a real breakthrough for me in terms of improvisation. Before that, I had always wanted to be sure that I knew the content of the script pages and the details of scenes. I didn’t take any chances. We just threw it all out of the window; I think it has opened up a new side of acting for me.”

Hemsworth is actively using these skills during the filming of “Thor: Ragnarok” and “The Infinity War”.

Since “Ragnarok” appeared everything has become more improvised. I’m so glad that I was able to work with Paul (Paul Figs — director of the remake of “Ghostbusters”).”

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