10 best superheroes who also deserve having their own movie or TV-show

Spider woman

has done really huge job in making them alive, like creating films or TV-shows. But what can go next? We have chosen 10 best heroes who also deserve having their own movie or programm.

We didn’t count such heroes as Captain Marvel or Black Widow as they already have their own films.

Maybe you have an idea who from Marvel deserves being screened? Leave your opinion in the comments. We have a video of our selection, please, watch it attentively to offer different ideas.

SpiderMan 2099

10th position is given to . We think it would be a good idea to see the landscapes a hundred year in future.

Nova_Ultimate9th position is for . Thanos destroying Xandar will become a perfect fit for Marvel Cinematic Universe. It seems to be amazing to show world audience the reaction of Richard or Sam.


8th can be . He is not expected to be shown to the audience yet. But Marvel should seriously take it into account when Aquaman is inclined to use underwater space.


can be proud of his 7th place. Many people think that this dark personage could be a perfect match for Netflix in dark editions. However, we know that even less famous heroes also have something to show.

Spider woman

Perfect 6th position is given to . We don’t believe woman brings misfortune and our chart is not an exception.  And we do not agree that this Lady is a simply female version of a Spider-Man. She is extremely powerful and her abilities deserve being revealed.

is the fifth, exactly in the middle of the superheroes. There were not so many people having correct understanding who she is, but after Black Panther she has become more popular.


We are reaching the top and put at the 4th place, he deserves his own movie after being mentioned in 5 ones with other heroes. But, we would suggest not making Bucky alive, but taking the mantle Cap and picking up the shield.


Concentration on New York and the space make us turning to ?  and giving him the third place. Guys, it is high time to change location, isn’t it? A moment of spoiler, but Betsy Braddock and fellow Cap are non-identical twins and the former one is even more popular than Psylocke.

A moment before the top and climbs to a second place. After near representing of Captain Marvel we think we can expect her quite soon. Do you have any ideas of continuation if she is a desperate fan of Carol Danvers?


So, we are finally here. c! We are more than sure he needs his own individual fan. James Mangold seems to be greatly interested in screening Wolverine’s clone daughter solo film.

What do you think? Share with us your opinion via comments!

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